Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome all Newbies!

Newbie: (noun) a newcomer or novice

For ten months out of the year, I wake up before the sun, drive twenty minutes on toll roads, and then spend the day convincing one hundred and fifty teenagers that being literate is still a valuable skill in today's society.  But at night, I turn into THE NEWBIE NOVELIST; an occupational transformation that extends well into the summer months.  This year, I began working on my first novel, and (at the constant begging of my students), decided to blog about the experience.

At first, the blog was only going to be about my writing process.  But then some colleagues wanted me to post different writing prompts that I used in class for novel writing/plotting, and I got to thinking about all the different YA authors I personally liked and used in the classroom, so here's the deal. . .

    What will The Newbie Novelist offer?

    • Tips on how to incorporate the time for writing into YOUR own life- whatever you are doing, right now- (and how I succeed in doing that with my life, depending on the day!)
    • Advice for new writers, regardless of genre. 
    • Lesson plans (yes, I will actually share my creative writing lesson plans- maybe even the benchmarks if you play nice) 
    • Lists of popular Young Adult authors- links to their blogs/websites- book reviews
    • Lists of writing websites/blogs etc. 
    • Tips on query letter writing/publishing info (but only when I get to that stage!) 
    • Author interviews (hopefully!) 
      The Newbie Novelist is designed to be a resource. It's for people who have always wanted to write a novel but never knew how or where to start; for people who have an idea of what they want to write, but don't know how they would ever find the time to do it; for people who have always wanted to write but never thought they could; for people who are already writing and need to know  someone else is going through the same agony and bliss they are; and for people who are searching for ways to teach others to write. *

    So, thanks for stopping by!

    *yes, I realize I just wrote a paragraph using a ton of semicolons, but it's late now, and my brain is foggy, and the rules of grammar are slowly sliding out the window as my bed is calling to me.  I will proof this tomorrow.  Or maybe not.  Maybe I am the only one who cares about the semicolons and their usage. 

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