Thursday, July 29, 2010

Authors, Authors Everywhere. . .

So, I'm freaking out just a little.  But in a good way.

First, let me say that I've only had the blog up and running for about five days, and already everything is starting to snowball.  Maybe it's because I am throwing myself out there and interacting on everyone else's fabulous blogs.  Maybe it's because I know that school is looming on the horizon, and I am desperately trying to squeeze in as much "me time" as I can before I start goose-stepping to the man.  (That was harsh, it was a bit harsh wasn't it? Sorry, I'm as bad on the kids when it comes to summer vacation).  

Anyways...  BIG NEWS!  

1. I have already lined up a speaker for TEACH IN this year for my classes.  The fabulous Tim Anderson of Bloody Disgusting fame and producer of the award winning horror short 2:22.  (And yes, I knew him when we were just super cool drama club kids in high school together.  Ahh memories)

2. THE illustrious Holly Black retweeted my White Cat book review and now all is right in the world.  *fangirl giggles*

3. CHECK OUT The Coldwater High eZine. It is a newsblog of the Hush Hush fansite  Sarah Rees Brennan (who wrote Demon's Lexicon- the book I am currently reading) is this week's featured author. They opened the interview for a Q&A panel, I hopped on the comment section, asked the good authoress some questions, AND SHE ANSWERED ME!!!!!  Long story short- she does SKYPE INTERVIEWS- so there's another author I'm going to try to line up for my creative writing classes this year.  It's a great interview; read all her answers, but my questions (which pertain to publishing and such) are all the way at the bottom of the post.  

Oh blogging world- now I know why people can get sucked into you.  You are so fun, so seductive.  You lure us in with your clicky links and scrolling widgets.  I can see now that I will definitely have to give myself "regular blogging hours" or I will never get my manuscript finished and ready for queries.  Which reminds me. . . I need to write a post about time management, and how my novel is going, that's on my list. . .  AAGGHHH! 

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  1. Hahah it is so true! Once you discover industry blogs you NEVER want to leave em' :) lol