Saturday, August 28, 2010

And the Award Goes To:

Answer: Share the Love
Question: What is?

A.  A bumper sticker adage plastered to the fender of a VW bus. 

B. Something your mother warned you about when she recalled those days of wanderlust and a man named Paul...

C. What led to the demise of Henry VIII

D. What I get to do as a recipient of the "ONE LOVELY BLOG" Award

*If you answered A-C, I applaud your imagination.  We should be friends.  Let's have tea shall we?

So, I get to pass on this award to FIFTEEN blogs that I have NEWLY discovered, that I think are lovely, (or as Eliza Doolittle says, loverly).  Again, a shout out to Virgin Sheets, the blog of Lisa M. Potts: she is the woman who granted me this fabulous award to begin with.  *bravo Lisa!*

And the award goes to: 
1. The English Teacher's Friend- the blog component of an INVALUABLE resource for teachers. You should check it out.  Oh, and did I mention Tamara is my crit partner? Yeah she's pretty much DA BOMB! 

The Founders of WriteOnCon: 
2. Literary Rambles- A forum for all things children's literature, hosted by Casey McCormick  (a plethora of information!) 

3. Elana Johnson- YA author of AWESOME!  Her dystopian novel, POSESSION, will be published Summer 2011! 

4.Totally the Bomb- YA fiction writer Jamie Harrington 

5. Ramblings of a Wannabe Scribe- MG fantasy writer Shannon Messenger 

6. Lisa and Laura Write Lisa and Laura Roecker's LIAR SOCIETY will be published in Spring 2011!

7. Jen Stayrook- writer, web designer, and all around awesome!

Other Super Cool People: 
8. Words and Wardances- author Jodi Meadow's blog- watch for her debut novel ERIN INCARNATE, first in the NEWSOUL TRILOGY in 2011! 

9. Corrine Jackson- author Corrine Jackson- this chick knows her stuff!  

10. In High Spirits- Dianne Salerni, author of WE HEAR THE DEAD- super cool!

11. Caitlin Darrell- writerly friend I met before WriteOnCon- turns out this Chickie From Down Under can turn a phrase or two! She's gonna be a "one-to-watch" I'm callin' it! 

12. The Green Kind Community- My friend Stephanie Dazo's blog about local sustainable living in central Florida. 

13. Robin Mellom- her YA novel DITCHED will be published in March 2012- it's being pitched as the teen version of The Hangover!  AWESOME! 

14. Ink Crush- another Aussie book blogger and aspiring writer who was one of the first to find my shiny new blog.  (The Newbie Novelist gets much love in Australia!) Plus, she's a fellow woman of faith- what's not to love? 

15. YA Highway-  okay, so yeah, this is a group blog and they have already received the One Lovely Blog award.  But YA Highway is awesome, and I want to give them the award again.  So sue me.  Seriously folks, you should check it out.  Lots of fabulousness to be had on that stretch of road...

Whew, that took a LOT of time.  And now I have to go back and notify these people and actually give them their award!  For everyone else out there, I love you, I really do.  And if I was cool enough to make my own little square picture with writing, I would make my own award and give it out- because I have some pretty nifty, neat-o ideas of my own, and there are TONS more people who deserve some recognition.   

Until then, thanks again and keep writing! 


  1. Yaaaay!! Thanks so much Amanda, I'm honoured! And in answer to your questions, I'm revising Dealbreaker out of an OCD habit of dissatisfaction at the ending. You know when you look over your work and think, "Was I high when I wrote that? Yeech, it stinks!" - that was my entire ending. So, I'm injecting a little more romance, just for my own pleasure ;)

    Thanks again, have an awesome weekend! X

  2. Aw, thanks so much :) And thank you thank you thank you for your ever-so-lovely and encouraging words on my blog :) It really has lifted me out of my slump - and so nice to know you feel the same way (well, you know, as in we're in it together - not that you're occasionally struggling like me too).

    I spent the best Sunday @ church and then chilling with mates and just letting go of the pressure and doubt... and eating a bit too much chocolate...

    x Nomes

  3. Thanks for the YA Highway love!

  4. Thanks so much for the award, Newbie Novelist. I'm so glad you enjoyed WriteOnCon!

  5. Sorry it took me so long to find this. Thank you SO much for the shout out and the award. You are WAY too sweet. *clutches award* *chokes up a little* *sniffles*

  6. Thanks for the award!!!! And I love hearing about your teaching experiences! :-) :-)

  7. Robin, you're welcome! And I am sure there will be MANY more teaching stories to come! The year is just getting started, and I have a group with a TON of personality this year :-)